Bailai Corporation

LEAP to Industry

LEAP TO INDUSTRY, (IND) STEP by STEP Program Direction

Balai Cultural Heritage, Strategic Plan and Tenure

Developing attitudes, respecting customs and beliefs that distinguish Bailai peoples from another. Culture is transmitted through physical, language, material objects, ritual, institutions and art. This action is expressed openly and spiritually from one generation to the next within Bailai Country.

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Rule Book

The corporation aims to:

  • Act as a body through which the Bailai people can meet our responsibilities for our traditional country;
  • Obtain secure Bailai tenure over as much as possible of Bailai country;
  • Take whatever action is needed to maximise the protection of Bailai heritage and sacred sites and encourage the conservation of our natural environment, in our country and elsewhere;
  • Take whatever action is needed to ensure that the Bailai people are involved in all decision making affecting our country